Sebastian Church Conservatories

Conservatories have been a popular way to add extra living space to English homes since Victorian times, and if properly constructed, provide all year round enjoyment. Winter days are immediately less dull with a warm and sunlit room in which to relax.

Sebastian Church Builders is synonymous with high quality bespoke conservatories in Buckinghamshire, as our customers from through the years will attest.

Advantages of Installing a Sabastian Church Conservatory
– Increases your property value
– More affordable than a building extension
– More living space
– Indoor / Outdoor lifestyle
– Summer and winter use

Satisfied clients will attest that their conservatory has both improved their quality of living, and increased the value of their investment.

Styles of Conservatory
The English conservatory is typically built according to five basic styles: Victorian, Edwardian, P Shape, Combination, and Lean to.

Each offers its own distinct advantages and can be constructed using modern materials, or for homes that require it, wood and glass which some consider adds more character to the property.

Period homes really stand out with a Victorian or Edwardian design that emphasises classic lines, and incorporates ornate eve brackets. Large bay frontages and steeply pitched roofs are the signature of a Victorian, whilst symmetrically pleasing square and rectangular floor plans of the Edwardian.

For larger detached homes, request a P Shape design that is part Victorian and part lean to, and provides optimal use of all available outdoor space. Clients with more demanding tastes might instead consider the Combination conservatory that allows for architecture bringing together period or modern styles with a lean to and a variety of other layouts such a B Shape, T shape or your choice.

Conservatory Design

We appreciate that conservatories are permanent structures, and it is essential that any design complies with today’s building standards. Sebastian Church’s enviable reputation for diligence in adhering to local council byelaws is a source of pride amongst our technicians.

A particular favourite of many clients is a brick basewall upon which either uPVC, aluminium, or treated timber is used for the frame of the conservatory. Protected homes require timber for legal and aesthetic reasons, though modern homes allow for more practical materials.

Regardless of style, all of our conservatories incorporate best practices in foundations, sealing, insulation, guttering, and roofing to ensure a comfortable and dry interior. For all intents and purposes, your conservatory design creates a safe and welcoming interior space.

Many conservatories do not require planning consent, and in all cases we will confirm the individual home owner’s obligations. At Sebastian Church Builders we strive to avoid pitfalls and nasty surprises.

What Happens Next

Request a callback from Sebastian Church to organise a no obligation visit from one of our specialists who will assess your dream conservatory’s dimensions, and provide a no obligation quote for your approval.

Sebastian Church Builders is delighted to have completed so many of Buckinghamshire’s most loved bespoke conservatories and we look forward to constructing yours.