Energy Efficient Tips for Adding a Sunroom to Your Home

Energy Efficient Tips for Adding a Sunroom to Your Home

Sunroom home additions are not just an amazing way to enhance your living space but also anassured way to augment the value of your home. Energy efficient sunrooms is a wise financial investment, provided that they are installed by professional contractors to avoid prospective problems like plumbing issues, wiring dangers or faults with the permits.

Addition of a new room always needs a careful planning whether it is a family room or an office seating area. However, one has to keep in mind that the benefits of increased living space and augmented resale value of the home should be really worth the amount of money and time spent.

Energy Effectual Sunrooms Hertfordshire – To serve the purpose of being energy efficient, sunrooms are required to be built with proper windows, special glass and good protection. In the absence of these elements, freezing and overheating will be unavoidable, causing high energy bills and wasted energy. It is advisable to not to get carried away with low prices. Cheap prices will hand you with low quality and ineffective sunrooms with accompanying problems.

Window Glass Hertfordshire – Sunrooms are usually over 50 % glass, thus using regular window coating is not recommendable. Two elements are involved in window energy rating labels:

– U – Factor (Solar Heat Loss Coefficient)
– (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient)

The lower the U-factor of the glass the higher is its ability to retain heat. Modern windows should have a U-factor below 0.3, ensuing good energy efficiency. Some manufactures also include plastic films on the panes to increase the energy efficiency of the glass.

If you are residing in a cold area, you need to make sure that the glass used in your sunroom window in Low-E glass, which lifts the energy efficiency by lessening heat transfer while filtering the harmful UV rays. Low-E glass is helpful for you to stay warm in winters and cool in summers.

Sunroom Insulation Hertfordshire –In order to avoid exceedingly hot and cold temperatures, it is highly critical to have proper insulation of the sunroom. Only a professional contractor will be able to define the quality, type and amount of insulation required for the sunroom.

Costs – The costs of a sunroom Hertfordshire will depend on the size, features and prevailing settings.

A normal two-season screened deck (custom built) will range from $ 5,000 – $ 15,000.
Prefabricated and assembled sunrooms with glass walls will start from $ 10,000 (8 x 10 foot space) and between $ 15, 000 – $ 35,000 for larger, three-season kinds sunrooms.

You need to check with your local planning department for permit necessities and for building codes to get a fair idea about what is needed while discussing your sunroom with a professional contractor.

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