Garage Conversions Ideas

Garage Conversions Ideas Hertfordshire

When you go for a garage conversion Hertfordshire, then it is for sure that you can increase both the resale value of your house and space in your house. A Garage is the least used space in your home and when you convert it you can create an additional space in your home for your kids or for any other purpose like an office. By using a garage space, you can enjoy having your own private area if you want to have a peaceful segment inside your house for your office. The garage conversion is also a great idea when you have a new member in your family and you want a separate room for him/her.

What Type of Garage do you have?

There are two types of garages– Detached and attached or integral.

Detached: It doesn’t mean that a garage which is detached from your house can not be converted into a good space. But, if you are using a separate space for extension, then you might need planning permission too.

Attached or Integral: These garages are easily accessible from your private place as they are directly connected to the main structure of the building like living room or backyard area of the house. These type of garages are easy to convert or design, as you don’t need any permission to extend them.

How big is Your Garage?

In real the size of a garage matters a lot if you are thinking of converting a garage into a House office, utility room, living room, Guest bedroom or a playroom. If we talk about the standard size of a garage then it can give you about 14m² more space. You can also change your garage space into a hall, or a kitchen all that matters is the layout you want to design on that free space.

But, if you are having a garage space just double(28m²) the standard size garage, then it might provide you a large space for inventory or a private party hall of your own.

Can I Convert my Garage?

Nowadays Garage conversion is easy but there are some restrictions that you might have to face. Although, you don’t need to worry, as even after the restrictions you can convert your garage. You can contact your local planning department, if there will be any issue regarding your garage conversion or not.

Before beginning your conversion work, you need to submit a Building notice to the local authority of your area.

So, now you know all about the garage conversion Hertfordshire, call a good service now to get a conversion for your house.


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