Using glass in the home for construction

Using glass in the home for construction


Natural light can create all the difference in your living room. It brightens your living spaces and saves energy, which could have been used for lighting or heating. You can achieve all these with glass. Glass allows you to brighten your living room and you can use it to add extra space for living.

Several advancements in building techniques and glass technology have made it possible to use glass pipes, roofing, and glass extensions to increase the amount of light in the living spaces, and enhancing the quality of life. Additionally, use of glass panes for the walls also provides a spectacular view of the kerb and the entire garden. Flooding your home with natural light is one of the best decisions you can make.

Use a Glass Roof Extension in Hertfordshire

Regardless of the size of extension you use, a glass roof will be a great additional to your home. Currently, there are stronger, eco-friendly and larger panes that are available, thanks to advancements in glazing technology. Therefore, you can replace an entire ceiling section using glass panes.

In order to create a feeling of space, you can talk with your contractors so that they can fit sloping glass panels into small single storey extensions. This presents you with a chance to see the clear blue skies, instead of the usual ceiling and mortar. You can also observe the stars and moon at night.

Before you purchase, consult a building professional, preferably a construction manager or an architect who will give you insights regarding building regulations with glass and energy efficiency. Do not use it on the roof if you will not be able to clean it, since bird droppings and wet leaves will soil the panes.

Glass Piping in Hertfordshire

Most homes have sections or rooms that are dark or poorly lit. As such, these areas can hugely benefit, when flooded with natural light. Sun pipes, solar tubes or roof to ceiling tubular skylights can provide a perfect solution for this. During summer, a sun pipe can produce the same energy as a 400W light bulb. This is enough power to light an entire corridor. On top of adding light to your home, they can also increase the value of your property, if properly installed.

Consider planning regulations in your area before you purchase. Do not install them in areas where you do not need excessive amounts of light, such as bedrooms. You also need to have the necessary tools and expertise to enable you installs it properly. Alternatively, you can consult a qualified building contractor, who can handle the entire process. As for the cost, a solar tube goes for around £250, while installation will cost roughly the same amount, depending on several factors.

Use a Roof Lantern to Open Up Your Ceiling in Hertfordshire

Roof mounted windows are an efficient and affordable way to flood your living space with natural light. According to leading Architects roof lanterns present fewer problems when it comes to building regulations and they are quicker and easier to install.

They fill all your dark corners with natural light. They can also be used to create extensions similar to pavilions, at a minimal cost. They come in different shapes and sizes including domes, octagons, pyramids, and hipped roof designs. They generally improve the overall appearance of your house.

Ensure that your house is not overly exposed to your neighbours, since they can pose a security risk. You also need blinds to minimize excessive amounts of daylight, especially during summer and spring. Make sure that you can clean the glass on all those areas where you choose to install them.

Use Glass to Create an Extra Room in Hertfordshire

Thanks to advancements in building technology, you can now use glass panes for your residential areas. Initially, they only used to be available for commercial buildings. Now, you can secure a pane of 3 by 6 metres, as a building block, which can then be connected together using resin material.

Invest in high quality glass that comes with recommended coating, to keep your glass room cool. High quality glass will ensure efficiency and safety. The best glass to use is in the range of 6-12mm. anything thinner than that will mean that the area will not be habitable, due to excessive heat.

Conclusion Hertfordshire

Glass is a great alternative as a construction material. It can be used on walls and roofs, in order to bring additional natural light to the living spaces. As such, you will be able to reduce your energy savings, while also enhancing the aesthetics in your home.

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